About Shiran

Selling property? – Shiran the professional solution!
Selling real estate is no simple matter. You open your door to a complex process requiring professional know-how, familiarity with the market and marketing skill. It is important for you to get the best deal at the best terms (price, schedule, payment terms etc.) and all this within a short, efficient sales process.
Shiran is exactly your means to achieve this end.

What is Shiran?
Shiran facilitates cooperation among a select group of real estate agents, despite their being competitors, thus allowing the best, most efficient service to all customers. The service allows you to choose one professional agent and to place in his hands the sale of your most valued property, while at the same time benefiting from an extensive, all- inclusive pool of buyers seeking to purchase this type of property. In many Western countries the real estate market is based entirely on this kind of service, which originated in the USA where it is known as Multiple Listing Service - MLS

How does Shiran works for you?
In order to sell your property as fast as possible and at the best possible price, all you need to do is choose one of Shiran’s agents operating in your area. This agent will evaluate your property professionally, outline a picture of the real estate market in your area and draw up a plan for marketing your property. The plan will include advertising means, sales conditions, handling period, manner of property presentation, and so on. All these details will be collected and listed in a Shiran “property listing and marketing agreement” which you will sign with the agent. As soon as your property is listed with Shiran, the property details are entered into the central computer and are immediately distributed via computer communication and facsimile to all Shiran member agencies, in the area. Together these offices operate hundreds of sales people who from now on will be working to sell your property. All this start to takes place within 48 hours from the time the agreement is signed.
The agent you have chosen from now on serves as your exclusive representative in handling the sale through all its stages with the other agents and buyers. The agent is responsible for advertising, for handling and screening responses, and for verifying that only suitable buyers will reach you.

Marketing property via Shiran does not end with the distribution of the property's details and then awaiting a chance buyer. Improvements and innovations in the real estate marketing domain are begin introduced all the time, serving to improve the property sales process even more in order to find the best buyer as fast as possible. e.g.:

Open House - All Shiran agents in the area will be invited to visit your house following prior co-ordination with you. This advance meeting ensures that only suitable buyers will ultimately come to view your property, with the minimum bother to you.
Internet advertising – All properties listed with Shiran are advertised on the Shiran web site as part of the service. The site is serving potential buyers from all over the world.
It pays to enlist Shiran’s services
 In the search for suitable property it is advisable and important to use the services of a professional agent who is a Shiran member, and is familiar with the range of existing market possibilities. It is no longer necessary to wander from one agent office to another, as Shiran's agents are all connected to a central, exclusive, computerized data bank which includes property details of all the agents who are Shiran members. In this way you can rid yourself of the doubt that perhaps another agent has something more suitable for your needs.

It is important to know that only select, professional real estate agencies can join the ranks of Shiran. Within this framework they are obliged to maintain the strictest standards and work rules - thus the selection of agents at your disposal has undergone stringent screening, has accumulated extensive experience and has completed extensive training to better serve you.

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